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  March News:  

Letter from our President Iris Klien  
  Dear All  
    I Hope you are all coping at this difficult time. 
Our hearts go out to who sadly have a loved one affected by cronavirus. Please send love to Ray Prendagast at this time
    Our healers will sit at 2p.m. and 7p.m. every wednesday, please sit and join us. The power of absent healing is very strong "Believe"  
    Love and Rainbows Iris  
Iris Klein, Church President 


Church Closed 
The Government has now ordered all churches to close, except for funerals where only close family may attend. 

There is no indication when we will be allowed to reopen our doors.
When the present orders are rescinded, and the committee evaluate it is safe to do so we will open. 


Absent Healing Invitation.
While not able to give direct healing on Wednesday’s, Val our Healing leader is organising the healers of our church to send positive healing thoughts from their homes at 2pm or 7pm. 

Each of you are invited to join the healers at either time to send healing to those who are in the worlds healing books, those you know need need!
It does not matter if you know about absent healing; just think of it as positive prayer sent with true love.

Sad News
It is with sadness to hear the news that Susan Motson medium has passed to spirit.

Our thoughts  and love go out to Bill Forester as well. His Son passed to spirit on Sunday night.

Stella  has been moved to another hopspital away from her Husband Henry.
Our thoughts and prayers are with them all and their 


Full infomation about our church and contactact infomation is all on the Woodford Spiritualist Church Page  Church Information


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