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25th September 2020

Proposed Date of Church Opening For Services: 
Sunday the 24th of January at 3 pm

Circles & Workshops: No start dates can be given!
Under English Law, No gatherings of more than six can take place. This may last until March 2021.

  Dear All

How I wish I could say to you 'The Virus has gone.' But I can't! As I said to you all six months ago, it is a new virus no one knows enough about it.
We still do not have a way to stop it. We can do our part by doing what we are asked to do.

Don't forget we have S.N.U. guidance and English Government legislation to abide by, not easy!


It looks as if the target for a January opening may have a question mark by it.


I do hope we can open again soon. I know most of you are with us and know we are doing our best at such a difficult time. Our Church has never had to work through such a time.

  I ask for Gods blessings on our Church and everyone who attends it.

Love and Rainbows Iris Klein President

  A few words from 'Gidion' Iris Klein's Guide.

  Love and Kindness is What you all Need,
May your Eyes See Beauty,
May your ears hear gladness,
May your nose smell sweetness,
May your mouth speak kindness,
May love always be there for you.


Keep up to date by retuning to the website or the church facebook Page.

Join our healers in your homes at 2p.m. or 7p.m. every Wednesday.
The power of absent healing is very strong "Believe"

Jim Langwith
It is with great sadness to hear that Jim Langwith  a friend and valued worker of our church, returned to spirit at home surrounded by his wife Christine and family after an illness on 26th September 2020. 

Jim may not be known to you, he was part of the beating heart of our church, being the Church warden he brought many skills to look after our church and it’s building.
Jim brought comfort with laughter and upfiftment with a few quiet words at the right time, he will missed by all who know him.
Our love and thoughts goes out to Christine and the family at this.
God bless you Jim.

Church Committee Meetings 2020

The meetings need to be as safe as possible so please note the following:

The meeting will be held at the front of the church, with social distancing of 2metres. 

Please do not congregate going directly to a seat, washing of hands or the use of sanitisers as guided by English law. face covering to be worn unless medicinal reasons apply.

Monday October 5th
Building Meeting 11am
Emergency Committee Meeting 12 noon

Monday October 26th 11am

Main Business: Preparation for the postponed A.G.M. from April 2020.

Monday November 23rd 11am

Main Business: Putting in place Procedures and implementing changes to allow opening the church for public services in the month of Jan 2020.

In line with present guidance, password protected Pdf documents for meetings will be sent via e-mail. (Committee members only). To receive documents, email me using the address below, requesting Minutes, after you will receive documents automatically. 
Church Meeting Document Request 

Only those who Request the minutes  by email will recieve them.


 England Status Level 4

To help you understand the decision of the committee the SNU have produced an illustrated leaflet for churches to download. Links Below are provided for the SNU guide and the Government web page for England's churches.

Our Church website will continue the updated, so you can keep up to date.


During The church closure Circle leaders or Mediums who would like to use the Website notice board page, please email me your text.
Do make sure it includes your permission to use on the website or it cannot be used, Email John Jenkins


Full infomation about our church and contactact infomation is all on the Woodford Spiritualist Church Page  Church Information


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