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  National Lockdown Stay at Home

 Church Closed

Join our healers in your homes at 14:00 or 19:00 every Wednesday.
The power of absent healing is very strong "Believe"

March Messsage from Iris.
Dear all.
Welcome to my March newsletter.
Well, we have reached 1-year of not being able to attend any of our meetings at Woodford church. Thank you all, for your patience.
The other night I dreamt of Ants. Now Ants are very intelligent and industrious little creatures, they've survived by all working together.

If we all pull together as one, try to agree on what is best for our and I mean our church, we will come out of this virus better than before it.

Please remember we will need help to get our church ready for the gradual opening for Sunday and Monday services first, then circles and so forth.

It will take hard work but remember the Ant, then we will make it work. There is light at the end of the tunnel, just believe!
Love and Rainbows
 Iris Klien Church President 3rd March 2021
Church Reopening?

The Prime ministers Plans for a new way of living with Covid is continuing to be rolled out over England with the latest on April 12th. There is a feeling that the Covid pandemic is coming to an end. Some of you feel it is time to reopen the doors of our church.
Churches are free to open for Services only, our church may hold only twenty people. (No Healing, Shamanic or circles as meeting indoors is presently ileagal) Gathering or socializing within the church is not permited. 

There is a strong possibility that face-masks will continue to be compulsory to be worn in Churches, Shops Transport and Track and Trace will continue for a while yet.
Everyone entering the church will be required to sanitize hands, supply their name and contact information, and answer a few quick questions at point of entry. We hope it is not necessary to remind  the correct wearing of a mask (Mouth and Nose).

How much nicer it will be to open the church, where you may greet your friends and  drink a cup of tea or coffee together. Rather than being escorted into the church and sitting two meters apart for the shorter service.
The Pandemic is not yet over, and we do not want to spread new strains of the virus.
All of the committee are longing to open the doors wide open to welcome you soon. Please be patient!  


 Church Services

Sunday Divine Service at 15:00  


Service at 14:00  
Healing Services 14:00 to 16:00 & 19:00 to 21:00
(last admission at 20:45) (Suspended)

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Workshops & Events Short Description

Mon 26th Apr
11:00 - 13:00

Church Committee Meeting. (Covid Regulations apply)



Weekly Activities

Open Circles Tuesday's and Friday's: Personal Development Tuesdays & Yoga Thursday Morning
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Help Required.

Our church may be closed due to the virus, however the work of the committee continues to prepare for reopening, making sure the building will be safe and welcoming for all.

The committee uses many skills they have which they give freely for the church.

We need a person with secretarial skills who has to be a member of the church.
We also need a 
a handyman to do small jobs around the church.

If you feel that you have any skills that you can offer the church. Please Telephone Iris or email John Jenkins 
(Links on this page.)

Barbara Wright.
Iris is trying to find any information regarding Barbara Wright, who was a member of our church. If you can help Iris please contact her directly or e-mail John Jenkins with your contact information, which will be passed to Iris. Thank you

If you are able and willing to help open our church when the time is right, please
 Telephone Iris Klien or email  John Jenkins (website officer)

Zoom Circle.

If you are interested in taking part in a circle while the Church is closed. Sharon Law runs an online circle on Zoom every Tuesday from 19:45 to 21:30. If you are interested contact Sharon for information about any charges and the required password each week.

Sharon Law

Please note:
This is not part of the churches activities and is run exclusively by Sharon Law.


Full infomation about our church and contactact infomation is all on the Woodford Spiritualist Church Page  Church Information

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