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 Church Closed

25th September 2020

Proposed Date of Church Opening For Services: 
Sunday the 24th of January at 3 pm

Circles & Workshops: No start dates can be given!
Under English Law, No gatherings of more than six can take place. This may last until March 2021.

  Dear All

How I wish I could say to you 'The Virus has gone.' But I can't! As I said to you all six months ago, it is a new virus no one knows enough about it.
We still do not have a way to stop it. We can do our part by doing what we are asked to do.

Don't forget we have S.N.U. guidance and English Government legislation to abide by, not easy!


It looks as if the target for a January opening may have a question mark by it.


I do hope we can open again soon. I know most of you are with us and know we are doing our best at such a difficult time. Our Church has never had to work through such a time.

  I ask for Gods blessings on our Church and everyone who attends it.

Love and Rainbows Iris Klein President

  A few words from 'Gidion' Iris Klein's Guide.

  Love and Kindness is What you all Need,
May your Eyes See Beauty,
May your ears hear gladness,
May your nose smell sweetness,
May your mouth speak kindness,
May love always be there for you.


Keep up to date by returning to the website or the church Facebook Page.

Join our healers in your homes at 2p.m. or 7p.m. every Wednesday.
The power of absent healing is very strong "Believe"

Barbra Wright.

Iris is trying to find any information regarding Barbara Wright, who was a member of our church.

If you can help Iris please contact her directly or e-mail John Jenkins with your contact information, which will be passed to Iris. Thank you.

Help Required to reopen the Chuch.

Our church may be closed due to the virus and lockdowns, however the work of the comittee continues to prepare for reopening, making sure the building will be safe for all.

The committee uses many skills they have which they give freely for the church.
To open will require the help of volunteers to guide and help keeping everyone safe.
We also require a person with secretarial skills who has to be a member of the church. If you have good practical skills with one’s hands we also need a handyman to do small jobs around the church.

If you feel that you have any of the skills above please email John Jenkins to be passed to Iris the churches president.

Please email. John Jenkins.

Church Committee Meetings 2020
The meetings need to be held under Goverment Covid-19 conditions please note the following:

The meeting will be held at the front of the church, with social distancing of 2metres. 

Please do not congregate going directly to a seat, washing of hands or the use of sanitisers as guided by English law. face covering to be worn unless medicinal reasons apply.

Date of Next meeting will be announced After December 2nd When Covid regulations make them possible.


A Tribute to James Langwith who Passed to spirit on 26th September 2020.


Jim what can I say apart from you have left a great big hole in everyone's heart at our church. Every part of this church is you, Jim, your smile would light up the saddest of faces.

Jim had been with this church for so many years. He knew more about our church than anyone here today. So we will be holding a memorial service next year for him to show how much he was appreciated and loved. I can't say when but as soon as this virus will make it possible.

If you hear a sound you can not place, it will be Jim playing his guitar and singing his heart out 'Upstairs'.

Goodbye Jim until we meet again.

Love and Rainbows.

Iris Klien Church President and Committtee.

Full infomation about our church and contactact infomation is all on the Woodford Spiritualist Church Page  Church Information


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