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Woodford Spiritualist National Church

  Woodford Spiritualist National Church
  Contacting the Church

Woodford Spiritualist Church.
Registered charity number 1164203

9 Grove Crescent,
South Woodford,
London E18 2JR

Church President. Iris Klein.
Bookings Secretary. Pat McNally View Phone Number

The Church has no telephone. For all enquiries about the church and its services, Please email. or use the Church Facebook Page.

It has been reported there is a telephone number on the website for the church.
The Church did have a telephone line, which the contract has been terminated some time ago. The web is not perfect, storing pages that my be out of date for years.

 (Facebook account required)

Mediums / Workshop leaders who require to alter their bookings please contact our Bookings Secretary. Pat McNally View Phone Number

Anything concerning the website,
Please email. John Jenkins.


The main entrance of the church has two small steps down.
After entering the church the main public meeting rooms are on one level.

The Mediums Room has two steps to access the room from the entrance. Direct Level Access to the Platform from the mediums room, or two steps up from the church hall.

Wheelchair / mobility access.
Level access is available to the church by separate set of doors (opened upon request) which leads directly into the church hall.

Toilet facilities for wheelchair / disabled users are combined with the Male Toilets and fully accessible.

Hard of Hearing.
The Church sound reinforcement system includes loop induction compatible with hearing aids with a T position Switch.
To Use switch hearing aid to the ‘T-position’.

  Church Membership.

Membership is open to all who attend the church and wish to have a say and vote in the running of the church at it's Annual general Meeting.

Members of the church receive discounts on most workshops and events.

Membership is Yearly (Jan to Dec) the fee for 2020 is £5.00

New members are always welcome.

For more details or to become a member ask at the table at the back of the Church

  Trusties, Committee Members & Church Positions


Position Trust Com.
  Iris Klein Church President T C
  Vacant Church Secretary.    
  Brenda Hodgson, Treasurer T C
  Angela Graham, Membership Secretary. T C
  Christine Deeks,   T C
  Ray Klein
Church Warden (Temporary)  
  John Jenkins, Website Officer T C
  Patricia McNally,   Medium /  Workshop Secretary    
  John Rooney   T  
  Stephanie Barrows (Resigned)    
  Valerie Coates, Healing Leader. T C
  Vacant Church Representative    
  Correct December as of 2020 Charity Commission for England and Wales Website


Car: The church is in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) Monday to Friday 08:30 to 18:30. Directly outside the church is one Disability bay. Just past the church on the left is the church's small car park.
Sat Nav E18 2JR No.9

Note: From The 25th of October 2021 The Church is part of the extended (ULEZ).
The zone will operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
For more information:  
Transport For London ULEZ 2021

Bus: Local Bus Routes Include routes 123, 179, W12, W13

Walking 123 Bus stops: Route 123 Bus Stops are either side of the busy A406 (North Circular Road)
Traveling West from Ilford to (High Road South Woodford Stop P) Walk up the footpath, turn right and follow the path until it exits at Grove Crescent, The church is on the opposite side of the road. Entrance is by the second set of double doors.

Traveling East towards Ilford to (High Road South Woodford Stop Q) Walk up the footpath turn right, follow the direction of traffic until the main road. At the bridge over the A406 keeping the same side of the road and cross the bridge. At this point you may either turn right and take the footpath (Roanna's Path), which joins the West Route above or walk a little further and follow the directions from Hillcrest Road in the Underground Directions.

Underground: South Woodford, is on the Central Line Zone 4 (Epping Line Branch).
Traveling from London, get out of the train at South Woodford and leave the station without crossing over the footbridge. You are now in George Lane.

Walking from Station: Walk up George Lane, going past the Nat West Bank, Barclays Bank and Marks and Spencers Food Hall until you come to the end of the road (next to the George pub). At the traffic lights, if you look on the opposite side of the road there is a side road called Hillcrest Road.

Hillcrest Road: Go to the top of Hillcrest Road and there are two churches, one on the right and one on the left. Ours is the church on the right. Turn right and follow around the corner and the main entrance is the second set of double doors. The whole walk takes about fifteen minutes max.


  History of Woodford Church

First gatherings as Spiritualists in South Woodford. 1935

Became recognized by the The Spiritualists National Union Ltd. (later to become the SNU) as 'The Woodford Spiritualist Mission' on the 7th May 1936

'The Woodford Spiritualist Mission' later to known as ' Woodford Spiritualist National Church' home between 1939 to 1973 
Ellerslie Hall, 4 Washington Road, South Woodford.

Mr George Gray, (later to become church Presidant) with the support of the Committee members  acquired the funds to purchase land and build the present church at 9 Grove Crescent, South Woodford,

The New Church building was handed over after completion by the builders December 1980

The opening service and its dedication was on Saturday, February 21, 1981.
The Service was led by SNU President Mr Gordon Higginson. Assisting in the service was Mr Wilfred Watts (President  East London District Council) and Mr Harold Maize (General Secretary of  the S.N.U)

First service was taken by the churches past President Mrs Doris Collins on 22nd, February 1981

Information gathered from around the church.

  Special Services

In times of joy and sadness, the church is able to hold more personal services.

  • Solemnisation of Marriages and other official services (when a registered Home office approved person is present)

  • Blessings.

  • Namings (SNU Leaflet available)

  • Funerals

  • Memorials

To Cover expenses a fee may be charged. If you would like more information please ask at the table at the back of the church.




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