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 Saturday 22nd July 19:30 - 21:00
Demonstration of Flower Clairscentience with Carol wood
£5.00 Pay at the door
All proceeds to the Woddford Church Funds


Please bring a flower and ensure that you are the only person who touches it. Just sit quietly and hold your flower in your hand for a minute or two before placing it on the table.

Don't let it touch any of the other flowers on the table.

This annual event of flower clairsentience for Charity was started by Carol ten years ago in 2013.

What is Flower Clairsentience?

Flower Clairsentience (clear sensing) is similar to psychometry. The vibrations of a flower, which was living, are much quicker than those of an inanimate object, such as a watch which has been given for psychometry.
The person 'reading' the flower therefore has to have developed their ability to tune into these finer vibrations, using the following three centres/chakras: centre 2 (sacral), centre 3 (solar plexus) and centre 4 (heart).
The person reading the flower senses or feels the auric emanations that have been absorbed by the flower whilst you held it. This is why no one else should touch your flower.

When demonstrating flower clairsentience, Carol will talk in the first person, rather than repeatedly saying "I sense that..." or "I feel that..." At the end of the reading Carol will ask who the flower belongs to and if there was anything which you did not understand, and if there is she will do her best to resolve it.

Diference between Clairaudience/Clairvoyance and Clairsentience?

Clairaudience/Clairvoyance is different and relies on a medium to have developed their ability to work at centre 5 (throat) and centre 6 (brow). It is not based on 'feelings', the communication comes direct from those in spirit, who are also able to identify who they are with factual evidence.

The medium is simply a channel for the communication and one of the hardest things to learn in development is to keep your brain out of it and just to 'give what you receive' without embellishment.

The late Ivy Northage (1909-2002) a trance medium and known for her excellent teaching of potential mediums said in her book, Mediumship Made Simple:  (Ivy Northage, 1986, Mediumship Made Simple, Psychic Press Ltd.)

"The less of me, the more of spirit, the better medium I will become."

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