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  Supported Charities

Every year the church raises funds for deserving causes, including many Animal charities and the Royal British Legion.

The Church Charity is a charity small or large that the members of the church nominate and vote for at the church's Annual General Meeting (April Time) which runs throughout the calendar year from January to December.


Throughout the year the Church holds events and workshops. Some of the events are to raise funds for the Church charity or another charity. 

Within the Diary description, any advertised workshop / event held at the church for a charity will indicate the Charity's Name and that the event is either giving all Monies or all the Profits to the named fund.

  Amounts Raised in 2019

Thank you

Together we have raised the incredible sum of £2,217.91 so far for the charities below.

The London's Air Ambulance Charity. £1,822.61

  2019 Church charity:
Your generosity is enabling advanced trauma teams to travel to critically injured people within the London M25 area By day and night.
  Royal British Legion. £36.38
  The Royal British Legion. Helping members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, Veterans and their families all year round.
  Christmas Appeal £395.91
  This year's christmas appeal, was for funds to the Great Ormand Children's Hospital (GOSH)

The Christmas collection when counted was £395.91
Thank you to all who contributed time and money to raise funds for the deserving causes.


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