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The belief in a hidden force that connects all living things has been shared by many cultures and times.In Spiritualism, different terms are used to describe the person who can communicate with this force and provide proof of life after death.Some of these terms are Medium, Psychic, Sensitive, Clairvoyant and recipient.
These are people who have trained their abilities to perceive the spirit world and relay messages from departed souls.

Not all mediumship is the giving evidence as you witness on church platforms. The medium may use different energy points within the body to deliver a range of Spiritual phenomena including Mental Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Psychometry,  philosophy Automatic writing, and Spiritual Art.


What is Clairsentience? Flower Clairsentience (Clear Sensing) is similar to psychometry. The Vibrations of a flower, which was living, are much quicker than those of an inanimate object, such as a watch which has been given for psychometry.

The Person ‘reading’ the flower therefore has to have developed their ability to tune into these finer vibrations, using the three centers/charkas: Center 2 (Sacral), Center 3 (Solar Plexus) and Center 4 (Heart)

The person reading the flower senses or feels the auric emanations that have been absorbed by the flower whilst you hold it. This is why on one else should touch your flower.

When Demonstrating flower Clairsentience the demonstrator will talk in the first person, rather than repeatedly saying “I sence that…” or “I feel that…” At the end of the reading demonstrator will ask who the flower belongs to and if there was anything which you did not understand, and if there is time the demonstrator will do their best to resolve it.

  Attending an Evening of Clairsentience

Bring a flower of choice, ensuring that the you are the only person who touches the flower.
There will be a table to place your flower. Before placing the flower on the table,  sit quietly and hold your flower in your hand for a minute or two before placing it on the table.
It is important! Don’t let it touch any of the other flowers on the table.

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